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Qigong ~ Yoga Meditation ~ Reiki

Qigong ~ Yoga Meditation ~ Reiki

Qigong ~ Yoga Meditation ~ ReikiQigong ~ Yoga Meditation ~ Reiki

What My Clients are Saying

Recent Comments

"Marie has a great attitude as teacher inviting people to a space that may seem different than everyday experience.  She creates nice vibe for group, not forced."

"Great intro to something that will be a healthy addition to my life."

"It was my first meditation class and I did enjoy."  

"Marie you built on each week and it was wonderful.  I enjoyed the success of my journey."

"Qigong is a great remedy for the stress of everyday life.  It's a nice get-away.  A sort of mental vacation.  It was nice to listen to a clam, serene voice to just forget everything for a while and completely de-stress."

"I liked the strength-building stretches for arms and legs in chair yoga as well as facial jaw tightening and I liked the essential oils - which helped my hand pain."

"This qigong class was very helpful as my body is aging. I was reminded to be mindful of movements as we age - thank you."

Marie's chair yoga class is wonderful for your body and mind.  I am always so relaxed afterward and full of positive energy."

"Marie is a fabulous instructor.  She goes above and beyond to make sure each student is fully understanding of the moves she teaches them and highlights ways to make use of the moves in daily life."

"I've really become more flexible and realize how important stretching, breathing and meditation are to overall health and well-being."